Studio Details

Located in Bucharest city center, 2 minutes walk from Parliament House/Ceausescu Palace,
a few minutes drive from all main 5* central hotels.

click here for map/directions.

Ground floor drive-in studio entrance: loading doors 3.6m x 2.8m / 12ft x 9.5ft,
3 phase 60 KW studio dedicated power distribution-box,

135 sqm / 1450 sq ft , incl Client & Agency seating area with Sony HD TV/Monitor,
Shoot Area: 15m x 7.5m / 50ft x 25ft-White Walls, Ceiling 3.2m / 10ft High,

Heaters, Air Conditioner’s, Heat/Smoke Extractor,

Office Facilities: Printer/Scanner (up to A3), WiFi Throughout,
Connected Seated Area with Toilet and Craft facilities: Hot/Cold Water, Fridge, Freezer,
Tea & Coffee, Toaster, Microwave, Electric Oven.

Yard with summer shaded sitting area and barbeque.

Top Floor Facilities: Make-Up/Hair and Wardrobe Room, Shower & Toilet Room with washing machine,
Comfortable Lounge Area with TV, Small Kitchen.

Studio Equipment and Additional Items on demand: Colorama Fancier Stands, White and Chroma-Green/Blue paper Background, C-stands, Sandbags, Pack-shot Lighting Kit,

Turntables, Compressor, Glass Tanks, Water Filters, Pumps and Extensive Art Department Equipment and specialist rigs.

Mock-ups and Replica Fruits creation and hire.